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Coeligena traviesi


Species Authority: Mulsant & Verreaux, 1866
Synonym/s: Diphlogæna (Helianthea) traviesi Mulsant & Verreaux, 1866
Common Name: Travie's inca, Lilac-spotted Star-frontlet, Lilac-fronted Starfrontlet, Lilac-spotted Star-frontlet
Locality: Colombia
Last Record: 1866 or before (Peters, 1945)
IUCN status: Not evaluated
AMNH 37570
Most likely a hybrid between C. torquata and another Coeligena species (Simon, 1921).
Species Bibliography:
Peters, J. L. (1945). Check-list of birds of the world. Vol. V. Cambridge.
Simon, E. (1921). Histoire naturelle des Trochilidæ (synopsis et catalogue). Paris.