The following articles are provided for your reading. I hope to have several articles up by authors other than myself in the near future, but for now all of the articles are written by myself.


Defining Extinction (7 August 2017)

Offers a discussion of the term 'extinction', and attempts to semantically differentiate it from 'death'.


Conservation Status is Onto-Epistemic (5 August 2017)

Discusses the dual nature of conservation categories as both human and natural.


A Catalogue System of Thylacine Sighting Reports by Branden Holmes (updated 25 November 2016)

Introduces a new catalogue system for categorising reports of thylacine sightings and other evidence of their persistence.


We'll Still Be Killing Species After We've Died Out by Branden Holmes (7 October 2015)

The number of species who's extinction can be attributed to us humans will still be increasing even after we've become extinct ourselves.


Pauline Taxa: Fossil Taxa Later Discovered Alive by Branden Holmes (1 February 2015)

Lists and discusses Pauline taxa, a newly coined term to largely replace the misnomer "Lazarus taxon".


Does the Thylacine Still Exist? by Branden Holmes (20 September 2014)

Argues that the thylacine is now extinct in Tasmania, and can only be found in museums and private collections, but may survive in New Guinea.


Rediscovery Versus Relocation by Branden Holmes (20 April 2014)

Attempts to demarcate relocation from rediscovery, which has significant conservation implications.


Modern Sightings by Branden Holmes (21 September 2013)

Discusses modern sightings of putatively extinct species, and suggests nine different criteria for evaluating them.