Hemidactylus laevis Boulenger, 1901

Common leaf-toed gecko


Gaan Libah Mountains, Somaliland, Somalia
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[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

Boulenger, G. A. (1901). A list of the batrachians and reptiles obtained by Dr. Donaldson Smith in Somaliland in 1899. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1901: 47-49.

[b]Species Bibliography[/b]

Mazuch, Tomáš et al. (2016). Rediscovery and a new record of [i]Hemidactylus laevis[/i] (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from Somaliland, with notes on and resurrection of [i]Hemidactylus fragilis[/i]. Zootaxa 4117(4): 529-542. [[url=http://www.mapress.com/j/zt/article/view/zootaxa.4117.4.5]Abstract[/url]]