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Brachypteracias langrandi Goodman, 2000

Ampoza ground roller (proposed)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: Holocene





Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Goodman, Steven M. (2000). A description of a new species of Brachypteracias (Family Brachypteraciidae) from the Holocene of Madagascar. Ostrich 71(1-2): 318-322. [Abstract]


Other references:

Goodman, S. M. (1999). Holocene bird subfossils from the sites of Ampasambazimba, Antsirabe and Ampoza, Madagascar:Changes in the avifauna of south central Madagascar over the past few millennia. In: Adams, N.J. & Slotow, R.H. (eds) Proc. 22 Int. Ornithol. Congr., Durban: 3071-3083. Johannesburg: BirdLife South Africa.

Hume, Julian Pender and Walters, Michael. (2012). Extinct Birds. London: T & AD Poyser. 544 pp.


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