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Scientific Name
Melomys fraterculus
Thomas, 1920:428
Uromys fraterculus Thomas, 1920:428; Pogonomelomys fraterculus Thomas, 1920:428
Common Name/s
Manusela mosaic-tailed rat, Manusela melomys
Seram island (=Ceram), Indonesia
Last Record
January 1920 (Flannery, 1995:133)
IUCN status
[url=]Critically Endangered[/url]
TSE Forum thread
Only known from the holotype, an adult male (Flannery, 1995:133). Or known from the type series of two specimens (Helgen, 2003).
[b]Original Scientific Description:[/b]

Thomas, Oldfield. (1920). On small mammals from Ceram. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 9, 6: 422-431.

[b]Species Bibliography:[/b]

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