Books on the Thylacine

Some of these publications are better described as pamphlets or booklets or leaflets. Many are out of print, and some seem almost as rare as the thylacine itself. Adye Jordan's 1987 book is particularly mythical. If it weren't for people telling me that they've seen it, I might not believe that it exists...


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Forthcoming and Unfinished Books

Six or seven books are currently each somewhere between "in preparation" and "in press":


1. Peter Chapple et al., subject: "main focus of the book will be the search for the mainland Thylacine" (source)

2. Nic Haygarth, subject: "a book of history on the thylacine" (source: ABC Radio interview)

3. Bernie Mace, subject: "He’s writing a book about his 50 years of thylacine research" (source)

4. Paddle, Robert N. (In Press, 2018). Last Records of a Lost Species: The Tasmanian Tiger in Captivity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

5. From 2015: "Paddle is also currently working on a new book that explores the undocumented history of female trackers" (source; brought to my attention by Gareth Linnard)

6. A sixth book, subject: a recent thylacine expedition, was in the works as of 2017. Current status unknown. (source: Anon., pers. comm.)

7. A seventh book by Grant Robinson may largely concern mainland thylacines around Gippsland, Victoria (p. 161).


Buying Secondhand Copies of Thylacine Books

Most of the published works listed above can be purchased for AU$50 or less. However, some volumes are worth significantly more even without being signed by the author/s. The prices listed below are those that I have seen offered by legitimate booksellers, and hence represent full retail price. Many factors can affect value, such as condition, signed copies and overall demand. The following information is provided primarily to prevent overpricing, and hence people paying too much. Although obviously it extends to those who want to sell their copies and may be undervaluing them. A fair price for both parties is better than a lopsided deal.


Table 1. All prices are for copies in good, clean condition unless stated otherwise.

Book Unsigned copy Signed copy
Guiler, 1985 $2001-2502 ?
Jordan, 1987 ? ?
Guiler, 1991 $606  
Paddle, 2000 $953, $1005 ?
Bailey, 2001 $150 ?
Terry, 2005 $1104 [in the past $150?]


1 Astrolabe Books, West Hobart, Tasmania, February 2018.

2 Andrew Isles Natural History Books, Prahan, Victoria, first half of 2018.

3 Astrolabe Books, West Hobart, Tasmania, 2018.

4 Astrolabe Books, West Hobart, Tasmania, 2018.

5 Andrew Isles Natural History Books, Prahan, Victoria, early 2019

6 Andrew Isles Natural History Books, Prahan, Victoria, early 2019


Reviews of Books

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