Recent News

Here you will find recent news stories which have emerged. This is also intended to simultaneously be an archive of such stories. Hence the newest ones appear first.

2/2/2015 A "living fossil" protist has been rediscovered after 70+ years.

25/10/2014 A small colony of Poecilozonites bermudensis, a presumed extinct land snail has been found in Bermuda's capital after around 40 years.

25/9/2014 Cuscomys oblativa, a species of rodent from Peru known only from two skulls dated to more than 400 years old, was rediscovered in 2012.

22/9/2014 The rediscovery of Arthrodamaeus rossicus has been reported in the literature today.

10/9/2014 The hermit crab Pagurus spinulentus has been rediscovered.

7/9/2014 Today marks the 78th anniversary of the death of the last known Thylacine at Tasmania's Hobart Zoo in 1936.

5/9/2014 The plant Callianthe montana has been rediscovered in Minas Gerais state, Brazil after 180 years.

1/9/2014 Today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Martha, the last known Passenger pigeon, who died in the Cincinnati Zoo at around 1 PM.

?/9/2014 The termite-eating dipteran fly Termitoloemus marshalli has been rediscovered.

30/8/2014 The Aldabra banded snail (Rachistia aldabrae) was rediscovered earlier this month. It was last seen in 1997, and declared extinct by Justin Gerlach in 2007.

28/8/2014 The Chatham Island kaka was scientifically described today as Nestor chathamensis.

12/8/2014 The Mauritius starling (Cryptopsar ischyrhynchus sp. nov.), a species only known from bones, was scientifically described by Julian Hume in today's edition of Zootaxa.

1/8/2014 The rediscovery of the Peruvian bat Mimon koepckeae was reported in the literature today.

3/4/2014 A new paper has been published today which describes 18 new species of endodontid snails from the French Polynesian island of Makatea. All are "probably extinct".

1/7/2013 The newest update to the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species has been completed. Changes include three species added to the Extinct category. A brief overview can be found here.

9/5/2013 A new species of subfossil Scops owl, Otus frutuosoi, was described in today's edition of Zootaxa.

1/5/2013 Several species of the moss genus Sphagnum have been rediscovered in Turkey after more than 100 years.

27/4/2013 Five rare Florida butterflies may be gone, some of which may now be globally extinct.

10/4/2013 The 2007 rediscovery of the frog Plectrohyla thorectes was reported in the literature today.

10/4/2013 The rediscovery of the African bat Glauconycteris superba (in February 2012) has been reported in the literature.