Report a Sighting

If you believe that you have seen a plant or animal that is feared extinct, or a wild individual that is supposed to only be known in captivity, please get in contact with me. You can simply fill out the Contact Us form provided.

All reports received will be mentioned on this website, with personal details omitted. Please try to include as much detail as possible, including date and location of sighting, length of time observed, distance from the individual/s, physical appearance, number of individuals seen, and the behaviour of the animals (including whether you believe that they noticed your presence or not). A similar report should be made to your local conservation agency or group so that a follow up to the sighting can be made as soon as possible to ensure the greatest chance of successfully finding these 'lost' species.

The following video is an episode from the Australian tv series Animal X Natural Mystery Unit, which is about "The Mystery of the Thylacine":