The Thylacine Archive

There is a great deal of archival material pertaining to the thylacine in various museum collections around the world (especially Tasmania), newspaper clippings, sightings/reports etc. I hope to make much of this freely available online (and downloadable!) in the future1. Apart from the official records regarding the bounties, which seem not to have been reproduced in any form, and other archival material, there are innumerable newspaper articles on this species. The vast majority of these are Australian as is to be expected, and the vast majority of those which were published prior to 1954 can be found on the website.

As a start to the Thylacine Archive I am currently compiling a list of all newspaper articles available on Trove, listed by year (with a key to content to follow in the future), which show the changing attitudes towards the species. These listings are supplemented by links to the actual clippings. I encourage readers to edit those trove texts where applicable as, generally speaking, it is easier to read these than the clippings themselves which were printed in fonts which are slightly harder to read.

The database entry on my old website also has an extensive bibliography on the Thylacine, including many links to scientific papers, newspaper articles, magazine articles etc. It can be seen here. An excellent website also hosts many hard to find thylacine publications.

The Thylacine Sighting Reports Database

I've just begun to compile the database, which will eventually contain over 5,000 reports, mostly made since the 1930's.


Either directly from this website, or from third parties. In most cases this will be from third parties, as I wish to acknolwedge the help of others in compiling the database. However, either if such material is not already available online, or the website where it is currently hosted is not obviously permanent (i.e. seemingly not going to be around indefinitely) then I shall endeavour to host such material on my own website for the benefit of indefinite access.